Call for Abstract

2nd World Summit on Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatitis, will be organized around the theme “Research and Development in Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatitis”

Liver Cirrhosis 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Liver Cirrhosis 2019

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1Genetics and epigenetics of liver cancer
  • Track 1-2Human liver proteome project
  • Track 2-1Gastroesophageal Varices due to Liver Cirrhosis
  • Track 2-2Drug-Induced Liver Injury
  • Track 2-3Liver Fibrosis
  • Track 3-1Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
  • Track 3-2Acute fatty liver of pregnancy
  • Track 3-3Alcoholic fatty liver
  • Track 3-4Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Track 3-5Biliary atresia
  • Track 4-1Liver Immune Tolerance
  • Track 4-2Wilson’s disease and related disorders
  • Track 4-3Hepatic Innate Immunity
  • Track 4-4Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells
  • Track 5-1Portal hypertension
  • Track 5-2Hepatic hydrothorax
  • Track 5-3The hepatopulmonary syndrome
  • Track 6-1Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
  • Track 6-2Angiosarcoma of liver
  • Track 6-3Kupffer cell sarcoma
  • Track 6-4Other sarcomas of liver
  • Track 6-5Hepatoblastoma
  • Track 8-1Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Track 8-2Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Track 8-3Viral Hepatitis
  • Track 8-4Granulomatous hepatitis
  • Track 9-1percutaneous liver biopsy
  • Track 9-2Transvenous liver biopsy
  • Track 9-3Laparoscopic liver biopsy
  • Track 10-1Advanced Cell Therapy
  • Track 10-2Differentiation of Hepatocytes
  • Track 10-3Biochemistry in Liver Development
  • Track 10-4Transplantation of Cells
  • Track 11-1Acute Liver injury and Liver Regeneration
  • Track 11-2Liver fibrosis
  • Track 11-3Liver Transplantation
  • Track 11-4Auto Immune Hepatitis
  • Track 12-1Cholangiocarcinoma (biliary tree cancer)
  • Track 12-2Primary Neonatal Hemochromatosis
  • Track 12-3Acute liver failure
  • Track 12-4Biliary Atresia
  • Track 12-5Pediatric Caroli disease